We are sending our love and support to Ferguson‬'s citizens, and admire those who are telling their stories despite danger. As we grapple with this situation, it's important we remember the power of our voices.

Help Ferguson’s people by being their sonorous charm.

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Last night, I found out that Robin Williams died. I was with friends - people I’ve enjoyed his work with, people who quote his lines, people I love. The world stopped for us like it did for most everyone. We were devastated. I was unprepared. When one of them read a report citing his death as a suspected suicide, something just kind of broke.

The other day, I was telling an incredible friend something I’ve had trouble admitting to myself. I was telling her how - years after first realizing something was wrong with me and years after my Official Diagnosis and years after I first let myself believe I had somehow gotten out of it - I am experiencing symptoms of depression again. I’ve had trouble admitting this because I’ve been scared. I’ve feared defeat. I’ve feared judgment. I’ve felt so good and so strong being able to say I was capital-b Better for so long that I ignored the signs until they demanded my attention.

Last night, I spent a lot of time checking my phone to see what the world was saying. From where I stood, it seemed everybody was realizing that this actually happens.

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